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(please note this page is a parody and is not to be taken seriously)
welcome to the unofficial
Sleazor for Senate

Dedicated to giving America six more years of Clinton scandal, stonewall, and scumbag cronies in Washington by electing Queen Hillary Rodham I (a.k.a. Sleazor) to the United States Senate
Just Imagine What America will Gain!
She earned $200 thousand out of thin air, effortlessly eliminated a huge debt from real estate gone bad, manuevered her way to the governors mansion and then the White House, and still managed to change hairstyles weekly in Arkansas. Just imagine what she will do for the Senate!

YOU can support the
Queen Hillary (a.k.a. Sleazor) for Senate
Bid by campaigning in these ways:
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 and for your car:
1999 Queen Hillary for Senate.